Hays County Brown Santa – Gift Wrapping

Join your Conservative friends in helping Hays County Brown Santa deliver Christmas to needy families in the area. Join us at the Hays County Brown Santa HQ to help wrap gifts to be delivered to kids.
Saturday, December 11th
9:00a to 12:00p (Noon)
Hays County Brown Santa HQ
4200 IH 35, Suite #200
San Marcos, TX 78666
(across IH 35 from the Outlet Mall –
behind Hat Creek Burgers & McDonalds)
For more information, visit the Hays County Brown Santa Facebook page…

Elected Office / Precinct Chair Candidate Filing

Please be aware that all Candidates for Elected Office, except Precinct Chairs, must file for election / re-election by 6:00p on Monday, December 13th, 2021. Filing forms should already be notarized when presented to Chairman Bob Parks for his signature prior to their being submitted.

Please be aware that all Candidates for Precinct Chair must file for election / re-election by 11:59p on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021. The Second Filing Period for Precinct Chairs will be Saturday, January 15th, 2022 through 6:00pm on Saturday, February 12th, 2022. Filing forms should already be notarized when presented to Chairman Bob Parks for his signature prior to their being submitted.

County Commissioner’s Map (Adopted 11/09)

The recently (11/09) adopted Hays County Commissioner Precincts for the 2022 Election based on the 2020 Census Data. An overlay of the VTDs (Voting Tabulation Districts – a.k.a., Voting Precincts) from the 2020 Election has been added as a layer for familiarity. The new Commissioner Precinct alignments will result in some VTDs having to be redrawn and renumbered to align with the Commissioner Precincts. Once that has been completed, new Voter Registration Cards will be sent out by the Hays County Elections Department informing Registered Voters of their Voting Precinct (VTD) and their various Elected Official districts for the 2022 Election.
Note: Precinct 333 was split into 333 & 320. Precinct 449 was split into 449 & 450. These splits occurred after the 2020 Election but were included in this map since they were a part of the Hays County Redistricting Advisory Commission (RAC) proposals. For practical purposes in reviewing your VTD (Voting Precinct) for the 2020 Election, 320 & 333 should be considered as 333 and 449 & 450 should be considered as 449.


When I was in the Navy, each of my days were started by hearing these words blasting from the loud speaker: “Now Hear This, Now Hear This”. It is a sound that I really never forget. Following that wake up greeting were the orders of the day and any other information that was pertinent.

I reflected on that experience recently as we started a new year for the Hays County Republican Party. It is my wish that we all take a deep breath and stay focused on the work that we have to do in 2021 at the county level. We are a County Party. We have local elections in front of us, candidates to find and candidates to support. We have numerous opportunities in front of us to expand our Republican Groups and to carry our conservative messages effectively to every corner of the county. We have the 87th Texas Legislature in session and consideration will be given to the 10 legislative priorities of the Republican Party of Texas. We have a responsibility as a county party to stay engaged in support of our conservative values as they play out in this session.

As your Chairman, it will be my pleasure to lead the Hays County Republican Party as we work together to be highly engaged Republicans. No road is absolutely smooth. All roads have a few bumps. The trick is always to navigate past the bumps and to get where you want to go.

Please join me on a trip this year to a place called HAYS COUNTY RED. You will not find it on your GPS. You will, however, find it by following your GOP. I look forward to seeing you on the road!

Bob Parks, Chair
Hays County Republican Party


Hays County Republican Party (HCRP) Welcome Center

The HCRP headquarters is now located in Kyle!

Visit the HCRP Welcome Center for campaign information, bumper stickers, campaign signs, more information about the party, to attend activities or just to say Hi.

    Features of the new location:

  • Seats +/- 70 people
  • Lots of easy access parking
  • Kitchen & Food Service Bar
  • Stage
  • 200′ of fenced highway frontage (perfect for candidate signs)
  • Lots of interior sign display area

With the move there will be many more activities and a much more open office schedule. Volunteers will be needed to help operate the new office, as well as to help with existing and new voter engagement activities. Stay tuned for more updates and volunteer requests.

Note: Currently open for Special Events only.