Hays County is growing incredibly fast. It grew 53% from 2010 to 2020 making it the fastest growing county in the U.S. with a population over 100,000. And recent census counts indicate the growth is not slowing down. It is going to take a massive effort from hundreds of Conservative Volunteers to connect with those New Residents before the Republican Party Primary Election on March 5th, 2024.

The Republican Precinct Chairs are well trained and supported by the Hays County Republican Party (HCRP) to work to get out the Conservative Vote but we still need more Precinct Chairs and they will need every Conservative’s help. In addition to finding and supporting Precinct Chairs, the HCRP has actively supported the numerous Conservative Groups and Student Organizations which help with such outreach and provide invaluable assistance to our Candidates. Information on these Groups and Organizations can be found on the page under the Groups tab.

But Precinct Chair, Group, Student Organization and Candidate efforts are only as effective as the turnout of the Conservative Vote. And the Conservative Vote grows when there is an Informed Electorate. We All Need To Be Engaged And Involved, especially at the Polls! Please get involved Today by clicking the Volunteer button, contacting a Group, attending an Event or finding out who is your Precinct Chair and becoming one if your Precinct is Open.

Only if We All Work Together can we set Hays County on the Conservative Path which will Assure it a brighter future. We look forward to working with you. Make Sure Your Vote Counts!

Bob Parks, Chair
Hays County Republican Party


Hays County Voting Precinct Map for 2023 Election

The Hays County Voting Precinct Map for the 2022 & 2023 Elections after redistricting for the 2020 Census Data. Color coded to the County Commissioner Precincts (adopted 11/09/2021 by the Commissioners Court).
Commissioner Precinct #1 (Green): Voting Precincts 100-145 (not contiguous)
Commissioner Precinct #2 (Yellow): Voting Precincts 200-254 (not contiguous)
Commissioner Precinct #3 (Red): Voting Precincts 300-372 (not contiguous)
Commissioner Precinct #4 (Blue): Voting Precincts 400-451 (not contiguous)
Note: The search box in the upper right hand corner of the map can be used to locate a specific address.

HCRW: Wimberley Independence Day Parade Float (2023)


Our fabulous Texas State Republicans who walked and sometimes ran the entire length of the parade. People were very impressed and commented about their participation.
We look forward to working with them in the future.
Thank You!
Evie Alexander
Gabriel Webb
Olivia Alexander
Carly French
Yes, as stated before, it did feel great to win.
We learned a lot in our first appearance at the Wimberley Parade.

Parade was a GIANT Block Walk. We reached hundreds of people that we would not normally reach.
Texas State Students engaged and walking next to float impacted people along the parade route. They truly made a difference in previous perceptions. Yes, there are Republicans at Texas State.
The positive Energy as we passed was contagious. People are hungry for change. Parade Watchers were ecstatic to see REPUBLICANS actively engaging.
We put the effort into making the float the BEST it could be and it paid off. We did the work and we stood out!
We need to do the same in 2024 in everything we do to win.
Our elected officials walking along float made them more accessible.
Loved that they actively supported us in this endeavor.
Next time, we will need lots more candy, beads and campaign information to pass out.
Plans are already in the works for a repeat in 2024.

Judge Tanner Neidhardt & Judge Traci Wright-Reneau
Walking Beside HCRW Float
Thank You!

We also want to thank the following volunteers for their time and talents making this year’s float a huge success by contributing their engineering abilities, crafting abilities, driving, walking and networking expertise.
Peggy & Charles Sweeney
Pam, Steve & Tyler Eakin
Kelli & Steve Whigham
Sandi & John Ellen
Julie Taylor
Michelle Lopez
Deanna Rademachir
Mary Clarkson
Laura Nunn
Debbie Adams
Joyce Jack
Ken Roberts

Why Attend The Lincoln-Reagan Dinner?

Conservatives are disappointed. Heck, they are mad! The outcome of the 2022 General Election here in Hays County and nationwide was not what we expected, much less wanted. Everyone is looking for a reason and too many are looking for someone or something to blame.

The bottom line is that We Lost The Election!

It was a gut punch, especially for our great incumbents and candidates. Many have walked away from the party in frustration. And lot of people are questioning why bother attending the Annual Lincoln~Reagan Dinner? Why indeed?

The names associated with the event should be reason enough. Lincoln, Reagan and their history with the Republican Party.
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