America’s Christian Foundation “The Soul Of America”
A Multimedia Presentation Testifying To America’s Godly Heritage. The Seminars Highlight Enlightening Lecture, Compelling Media Clips and Inspirational Patriotic Music – All Reflecting the “Soul Of America.”
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
– John 8:32 NKJV

Has the Government abused its power?
Did the Founding Fathers provide protection from this?
Do you think that America has Lost Its Way?
Do you wonder if it was always like this?
Were the Founders all greedy slave-owners?
Do they have anything to offer in todays America?
Was the Bible used in the Formation of America?
Arm yourself and others with the Truth.
Attend the “America’s Christian Foundation” Seminar being held at the HCRP Welcome Center.
Every Tuesday Night 7:00p to 8:00p
Starting October 5th, 2021
Ending December 7th, 2021
(No meeting on November 23)
Admission is FREE.
This is a Bipartisan presentation.
Essential Items Vital to Understanding our Christian Heritage
What was the founding fathers’ original intent regarding Separation of Church & State?
What is the difference between a republic and a democracy and which did our founders establish?
What is the difference between deism and Christianity and what effect does it have on our beliefs?
What is natural law (revelation vs. man’s philosophy)?
What were the purposes of the documents on which America was founded?
What was the Educational system like and how has it changed.
These and many more topics will be presented.
Presented by:
Carl 'Sandy' ClaussSandy Clauss has over 40 years of teaching American History, United States Government, Economics, World History, and European History. He is currently providing lectures, seminars, and historical character impersonations to Churches, Schools and Civic groups all over Texas, as well as in New Jersey. Sandy is involved in his church teaching Sunday School Adult classes for over 30 years. He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees from Texas State University and continues his lifelong study and passion for American and Biblical history.
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Carl “Sandy” Clauss