NHRG Meeting: The Real Life of Texas Judges

October speaker: The Honorable Chuck Miller.
Sunday, October 13th – 6:30p to 8:30p

Judge Miller has been an active criminal law judge for the last 42 years — including two terms on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, which is the highest appellate court for Texas criminal trials, coequal with the Supreme Court of Texas. He is a Vietnam War veteran and a member of Sons of the American Revolution, Dripping Springs Toastmasters, Dripping Springs Utility Council, and Bluebonnet Equine Rescue of Texas. Judge Miller is an engaging speaker, and very active in our community.
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TX Railroad Commissioner Wayne Christian: Climate Change


I recently had the privilege of hearing Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy speak about American energy from his state’s perspective. He confirmed what I have believed for a long time, the greatest threat to American energy dominance isn’t a lack of innovation, technology, or markets, it is public opinion and the resulting draconian political policies of the far-left.
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